At Flexio, strive to create a good working environment together. That our talents as well as clients maintain high quality and that we help each other develop. Therefore, we want the client to evaluate and rate your performance, as it is an opportunity to give you feedback. Therefore, be sure to respond to messages as soon as you have the able to in the app, show interest and commitment in the workplace and meet/greet your colleagues in a nice way. A good rating will mean that you have more opportunity to get more future gigs.

We also want to ensure that the clients provide a safe working environment, meet talents in a nice way and give clear instructions. That is why we want you, as workers, to rate the job assignment and give the client direct feedback on what has been good, but also how they can be even better to attract more talents in the future.

More information about the rating system can be found in the user manual and in the evaluation and rating document.

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