You as a worker can only make an expense during an assignment if it has been approved in writing by the client (instructions must be in the job advertisement or clearly communicated and agreed on in the chat). If you do not get hold of the client, you must contact Flexio to get the expenses approved.
We urge the employer to pay as much as possible in advance to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Expenses as part of the job description
You as a worker have the right to reject expenses as long as it is not a requirement in the job description. If possible expenses are not listed in the ad, you have the right to decide if you want to take the expense as you own.

Reimbursement of expenses
The client can choose to reimburse you directly as agreed with the assignment, or choose that we invoice them for the expense. If the client chooses an invoice, you as a gigger is responsible for reporting the expense to us along with the client's approval. Flexio then decides what is an approved documentation and when payment is due.

Here's how you report an outlay
Scan/take photo of the receipts and send to Enter your name in the email as well as where you worked and the reason for the expense.

Typical expenses that can occur are filling up gas on a borrowed car, purchase of unforeseen materials at events or maybe for a train ticket back to the gig's starting place. Please note that trips to and from work are never approved expenses, but only trips that are required within the scope of the assignment, unless otherwise stated in the job description.

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