Cancellation of a work assignment must be done no later than 24 hours before the start of the assignment. In case of later cancellation, a warning is issued (yellow card). Read more about yellow cards in the warning policy.

We understand that things can happen for legitimate reasons, such as illness, etc., that make you unable to complete an assignment, or be forced to cancel an approved assignment. If this should happen, please show responsibility and contact the client via telephone (call, leave message) and sms (if no answer on the phone) as well as via the chat in the app to ensure that the information is communicated to all relevant person as early as possible. In the event of illness, you may be asked to submit a medical certificate confirming your illness or emergency. In case of illness, we refer you to the instructions here.

Deviating from an ongoing assignment, canceling or leaving without a valid reason is classified as a breach of contract and result in a suspension. Read more about breach of contract here.

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